Keerty Nakray

Dr. Keerty Nakray has a wide-range of dynamic research interests which arise from her interdisciplinary training in social sciences. She is currently Associate Professor at Jindal Global Law School in NCR Delhi, India. Her recent co-edited book with Margaret Alston and Kerri Whittenbury is titled “Social Science Research Ethics for a Globalizing World: Inter-disciplinary and Cross-Cultural Perspectives” (Routledge, New York) which examines the ethical dilemmas in studying sensitive topics such as gender based violence, child abuse, studying combatants and climate change. Dr Nakray’s previous work includes another edited book “Gender Based Violence and Public Health: International Perspectives on Budgets and Policies” published by (Routledge, London) which encapsulated some of the most latest debates on the theoretical and empirical advances in the understanding of gender based violence as a public health issue in developing economies. She has published in leading journals on gender budgets, child sensitive budgets and comparative social policy. She maintains a keen interest in research ethics and establishing linkages between academic research and policy. Dr. Nakray holds a PhD in Sociology and Social Policy from Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland.