WP2 and WP3 will be used to establish correlations between social assistance benefits and possibly intervening political variables.

WP4 will help transform correlations into causal relations with the use of qualitative and quantitative content analysis.

WP4 will use political and policy documents (parliamentary proceedings and official reports) to examine to what extent and in what ways government actors and officials consider, discuss and negotiated the politics of the poor in shaping welfare policies.

WP4 will follow a two-stage keyword search method. In the first stage, documents on social assistance policies will be identified from the online government and parliament archives.

In the second stage, these documents search for 24 specific keywords that are likely to indicate an interest in political objectives.

NVivo 10 will be used to code all relevant documents.

The team will (i) read the context within which these political keywords were used and collect the passages to be used in qualitative analysis and (ii) track changes in the use of political terms over time to check if these changes are correlated with changes in protest activity of the poor.