New job opening!

The Emerging Welfare Project invites applicants from Koç University for four positions of annotator who will work remotely in Associate...
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Open Lecture with Erdem Yörük

Serbest Yazın, a platform formed by the Turkish Language and Literature Department students of Boğaziçi University, hosted Erdem Yörük on...
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Webinar by Erdem Yörük

Erdem Yörük will be giving a talk in the European Social & Population Issues Webinar Series on 30 March. He...
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Erdem Yoruk’s seminar on WiseTalks

Erdem Yoruk will be giving a seminar, titled How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Comprehend Social Movements?, on March 10,...
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Erdem Yoruk’s talk on Polarization

Erdem Yoruk's podcast, titled Societal Foundations of Polarization and Populism, is aired on the Spotify channel of Turkuaz Lab. You...
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EU Projects Experience Sharing by Erdem Yoruk

Erdem Yoruk will be giving an interview at Ozyegin University about his experiences as the Principal Investigator of a European...
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GSSSH Seminar by Erdem Yoruk: How to Write a Research Proposal?

Assoc. Prof. Erdem Yörük will be giving a talk, How to Write a Research Proposal: A Guidance for Graduate Students,...
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Using AI for Multi-Country Automated Protest Event Collection

Emerging Welfare Project team -- Assoc. Prof. Erdem Yoruk, Dr. Ali Hurriyetoglu, Dr. Cagri Yoltar, and Firat Durusan-- will be...
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SUNN Webinars on Artificial Intelligence

Erdem Yörük  will give a webinar, titled The Potentials and Challenges of Using Artificial Intelligence to Understand Social Movements, at...
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Erdem Yörük was at Güne Bakış program of Medyascope.tv

Erdem Yörük was a guest speaker at Güne Bakış program of Medyascope Youtube channel on November 6, 2020, to talk...
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