Erdem Yörük presented EMW project at Medyascope.tv

Erdem Yörük explained Emerging Welfare Project and answered questions at 'Science for the Curious' (Meraklısına Bilim) program on Medyascope.tv on...
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EMW team is at Berlin!

Erdem Yörük and Ali Bargu are presenting their paper at the Changing Political Regime, Implications for Social Policy: Putting Turkey...
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Erdem Yörük was at Paralaks program as a guest speaker

Erdem Yörük was a guest speaker at Murat Büyükkarabacak's Paralaks program at Karşı Mahalle Youtube channel on November 8, 2019....
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Erdem Yörük was at Medyascope.tv

Erdem Yörük participated at Güne Bakış program of Medyascope Youtube channel as a guest speaker on October 21, 2019. https://youtu.be/hZn8ORObMmc?t=1507
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Erdem Yörük giving a talk at METU

Erdem Yörük will be giving a talk, titled How Contentious Politics Changes the Welfare State in the Global South: Brazil,...
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Erdem Yörük and Burak Gürel presented in ASA Annual Meeting 2019

Erdem Yörük and Burak Gürel presented a co-authored paper, titled Welfare as Counter-Insurgency in India by Erdem Yörük, Burak Gürel...
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Erdem Yörük and Burak Gürel presented in National Taiwan University

Erdem Yörük and Burak Gürel presented a co-authored paper, titled Social Assistance as Political Containment in Contemporary China by Erdem...
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Erdem Yörük presented at the Historical Materialism BCN Conference

Erdem Yörük presented a co-authored paper, titled Containment through Welfare Provision? Land Invasions, Land Reforms and the Implementation of the...
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12/05/2019 / Seminar-talk-lecture

Erdem Yörük gave a talk at ERC Information Days

Our Principlal Investigator Dr. Erdem Yörük gave a talk, ERC Success Story, at ERC Information Days event at Boğaziçi University,...
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The Politics of Welfare in Emerging Markets: A Talk by Dr. Erdem Yörük

Our Principal Investigator Dr. Erdem Yörük will be presenting the Emerging Welfare Project at The Department of International Relations of...
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